Product Sales & Local Calgary, Alberta Services

I am Joseph Denny and this is Dublu Inc. My playground.

Incorporated in 2006, what comes out here is diverse, ever changing and as complex as my thoughts and visions. If you think you’ve got a feel for who I am and what I provide, good! Cause some one out of the two of us should.

I have long developed professional skills in graphic vectorization & design, signage design & installation pertaining to storefront, vehicle, office interior, home/garage/rec displays, offset printing and much more.

I was once told – Don’t give me this, your and artist bull shit! We’ll… thats what I am. The definition may vary person to person and my death may be the day that person decides to rethink his words but I am what I profess to say I am. My version, my world, appreciated by whoever passes by my window and looks inside.

Obviously, Dublu is an obscure name to some, it however, works quite well. So well, a couple years after I incorporated an individual found my name and set up in Australia. Took my first font logo design and added a period to the end of it. I’ve watched him grow and the style is edgy, clean and peaks my intrigue. I may have mixed emotion on this but one thing can be said, the name works. Pronounced like the letter “w”. It’s in recognition of my middle initial or more directly the name of my Grandfather where my middle name came from.

I took a turn from the classical art I enjoyed in High School, more directly the International Baccalaureate Program, to a slightly related trade skill at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology studying Digital Graphics Communications. A course that saw immediate employment in the Offset Print Industry. Hired to run a Film Output Company procured by a growing local offset print facility. Through various changes to an expanding company looking to be the next full service print facility, I climbed up to Operations Manager. A shop offering Offset Printing, Embroidery, Signage, Promotion and much more. With what often occurs along side ambitious plans, my body told me quite quickly, no matter what I am able to maintain, there are severe penalties for not recognizing stress. My rise was quick and so was the realization, more in life meant less. Everything I am and how I interact in the world shifted at this moment. I could not be more proud of this experience and the enlightenment I gained. I am at a point in my life where I love who I am, what I do and those I choose to spend my time with.

I hope to some, I provide enjoyment in either my words, my services or products. I’ve learned through health, relationships and production, everything is gained through the journey. If you choose to follow me, don’t ever expect to find an end. Just the occasional checkpoint stop and directional recalculation.