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of the very few

My endocrinologist reached out to shake my hand a few days ago.

I had Cancer. Thyroid Cancer. Removed both sides. Surgery. Radiation treatment. Fun times.

Started seeing my endocrinologist 8 years ago. Its a ten year relationship I was told. This to monitor my treatment result and any possible reoccurrence. Along the way I found the prevention and the ability for full reversal and more. Drug and treatment free. Too bad it was after the fact. What this did for me though was two fold. Lost absolutely all respect for the health care system and their delusional collaboration with big food and animal agriculture. Secondly, got unbelievably healthy, vibrant and angry.

He shook my hand and said your one of the very few. He implied to getting my health in check. He let me know I lost 30 kg’s since I started seeing him and maintained the result steady over the last two years. For those not working the conversion in their head, thats 66 pounds. Obtained through diet and no added exercise. when I say diet, I mean food. I’ll expand someday.

Its not the weight though, its my health and the weight is a byproduct. I’m stopping here for now. I’ll discuss more as we go along. Its too hard for people to understand and the talk has evoked pain, anger and separation of multiple personal relations.

I am healthy due to a whole food plant based diet. This according to me and my doctors. Although they only see the results and disappearance of all ailments, with no discussion about the plant based aspect. Dead pan faces when plant based comes up. They are just on my roster now and not active in my annual maintenence. According to the average North American, I am a disgrace, delusional, unhealthy and a pompous elitist. Those that are kinder in their words only refer to me as making a personal choice.

To be continued

Graphic Artwork – Me – Joseph Denny – A commentary of the relation of an industry and its direct correlation to disease and manufactured “help” – when if both eliminated, neither exist.

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