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contrasting style

A bag of varying styles and techniques is my most appropriate creative description. Sketching designs is, unless in a funk, an amassing calm for me. I drop my pencil to paper and let it move. Lines contrast from hard corners to soft curves. Those instinctive lines create a cloud that I then pull details from. Pull them and crisp them up till you see something. One of my ultimate aphrodisiacs.

A favourite company of mine, local to Calgary, is Concept 1. A fantastic Parts/Repair & Restoration facility Specializing in Volkswagen, Audi & Porsche. I was contracted for some imagery, this is one of the designs that hit the paper. I see it soon coming out in a larger piece of “one off” work. The idea floating back in my head every few weeks. I love mixed media and when the right sub straight lands in front of me, I’ll know its time.

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