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powerful weapon

The effects from sugar are immense. For me it was two stage. Before dealing with the “real issue” in my diet, sugar was a problem not only on the refined side but on the natural front as well. The migraines I would get from having sugar had spread from the refined sugars to eating fruits, dates, breads, pastas and so many more simple and moderately complex foods. I’ve always had a sweet tooth so this was tragic for me.

Knocking out refined sugars and process foods stepped my health up substantially but there was still a problem and I was forever walking a tightrope. One wrong shift in any direction and I’d topple. The day I decided to give up meat and eggs, as completely absurd as it seemed, was the day I found the main problem. Also important to know years earlier I had removed dairy out of my diet from a “migraine like” allergy reaction. Quite quickly, the changes came in though. All from the drop of meat and eggs. Ailments started dropping off just under the two week mark and in a month I was a new person. It didn’t stop. The changes continued for the better and every day was inspirational with the differences. Sugar problems disappeared. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t eat processed foods or refined commercial sugars past some agave syrup. Getting hurt by big sugar is a thing of the past. The main feat was getting past my problems with natural sugars, fruits, and wholesome grains. A problem I should never have had.

Addiction and sugar. Industry and sugar. Mental illness and sugar. So much hurt. Its all around me with family and friends. I’m glad I’m out and shame on big sugar. Your hold on me was too long and too destructive.

The graphic creation here, is in reaction to my displease with the transformation of sugars hold on humanity, and its greed and domination of our food system. Once a symbol of power, eventually filtered down to the destruction of the poor and working class. All encompassed by addiction, its most powerful weapon against us.

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