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the not so distant project

I’m like a lot of you, I’d presume. Find a project that speaks volumes and move quickly to procure what’s needed for it… except time. Then the wait grows and reasons ensue as to why it doesn’t start. One thing we can all agree is, when the project starts, its on! So best not start till “time” can be allotted.

Unfortunately, what we all just agreed on, is horse shit! Like having children. You’ll never be ready. Just try the best you can and when it happens, dive in. If its meant to be, it’ll all work out. Now, I don’t have children so maybe I shouldn’t be using this analogy but enough people around me speak to this statement. Back to the point, if you don’t “just get started” you land yourself some lawn art.

My 1984 Heritage special was passed over to me from my father as I asked him for a project. Personally I wanted one that had a tie to my Father and my relationship. May Father rides and I never did. I’m sure he feels, like me, that it would be nice to ride together but there was never any pressure to do so. When I was younger I remember my father taking me for a ride on this bike, stopping in a parking lot and while he took some z’s on the grass boulevard, let me ride around the lot to get a feel. Never went past this for me but It meant a lot and one day the thought of this bike came in my head and I acted on it.

Well, a few years later it still sits under tarp, in my yard. Now I guess I can say its because I don’t have a garage but thats kinda weak considering I don’t have a problem dropping a transmission or removing an engine in my driveway. So…. its one of those things. I never tire of it or feel depressed at the thought of it. It makes me smile just having it sit there. I’ll get to this one, unlike those I walk away from that have no meaning. This ones still though, for another day.

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