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the line

In business there’s a line. It’s very fine and people say their on one side when they really sit on the other. 

My level of detail and ability to hold patience is a gift from my parents. Depending how you look at it, it may or may not be a positive trait. Too far in perfection, a business finds itself looking closer to closed doors. Too lacking in detail and consumers may not walk through your door. 

We view quality through our own eyes and too often forget to see what the consumer requires. A person of detail can easily loose ones self in thinking they require more when in fact the consumer can’t see or appreciate the difference. In this case the added effort, lands unappreciated and waists time and resources. 

One side of the line is equally as important as the other, where in no attention to detail neglects a consumers requirement and no matter the sales ploys, eventually ends the company. 

Personally I’ve found controlling what I do and how I do it, eases the need to either perfect or fall on sloppy production. Simply, it’s finding what I enjoy. Adapting it where needed but not focussing too much on what I “really” expect nor what produces the most money.

Keeping myself from falling too much in perfection or too much in greed. There in, you find the balance. 

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