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continuing the talk

I do. I find myself wondering the validity in what I do, what I produce and its impact on my life, others lives, other creatures on this earth and the earth itself.

So here’s another try for me. A statement of direction through parody. Criticism of an industry by way of direct recourse for the human condition. What the hell am I talking about? I’ve simply taken popular industry logos of items that are contributing to either health decay, addictive conditions, metabolic disease, animal agriculture, climate change and so many other related issues and changed them to indicate the simple foods that cure them. Foods that are unrefined or as little refined as possible. Foods of the plant based variety. Foods proven to create a healthy body and mind. Foods that don’t contribute to climate change, animal cruelty and waisted resources.

We all see different items at separate times in our lives that mean something to us. Three big things for me, things I’m working to change my ways for the better are my health, animal compassion and climate change. In other words, myself, my home and my neighbours. Not everything changed for me over night. Not everything is completely changed as of yet. I’m changing what I can and moving toward changing the rest. being aware of my progress and aware of what is yet to come. Along the way I share what I’m doing, what I’ve learnt, and share how passionate I am about the things I feel are most important in our world.

my parody decals are one step along the way that helps me communicate what it is we can eat to save ourselves, the animals on this earth and the earth itself. The ultimate trifecta of compassion comes from a whole food plant based diet. A diet proven to be the most effective for the human body. It also eliminates animal agriculture. A disgusting system of torture, abuse and killing for no reason. Animal agriculture is also one of the major players in climate change and the spiral capitalism has sent it into.

Parody decals are just a starting point here at Dublu so please continue to follow my journey.

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