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Levels of Awareness

I don’t feel bad about the choices I’ve made. I made them under different levels of awareness and could only do the best I could at each level. That’s all we can do. Over the last year I’ve had a harder and harder time preparing jobs as I’ve become more aware how pertinent it is for every single person to set an example. Its required now for your generation and future generations to enjoy what I’ve had a privilege to enjoy with the feeling, up to recently, without consequence. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stress and worry myself. Just means I’ll enjoy my life within a better standard of respect for what really matters and “things” don’t matter. I still like “things” but I’ll work on the things I have. Rebuild and reuse. Be content with experiences over purchases. Provide services over products. Spend more time calming my mind to separate it’s programmed need for new products. Now, new innovation with purpose and/or quality for longevity is the exception though. Progress is important. The garbage that is commercialism these days is what is and will soon be labeled as an abomination. Outlawed and frowned upon.

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