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All your Wildest Dreams will Come True

Today it is about the Buda breath and the Juice. It has everything to do with everything. It’s a shame I have to mention real juice or fresh squeezed juice. Another word would be “live” juice. Not pasteurized or dead and of course not from concentrate. The most wonderful source for our health and healing and it’s not around. Not until you make it part of your around.

How do you share the truth with a community so enamoured with advertising and a system. A system they blindly trust because it’s all they know. People are amazed at how I look. Youthful, light and healthy. End the conversation there though because why I’m this way is to drastically different then what they think they know. There in ends the conversation.

This is changing, or so I think. I’m exposed to like minded clean food people from YouTube communities but what about the “local to me” people. I don’t stop sharing and showing and learning. Lets hope I don’t wear out before people finally start seeing the light. A light healthy clean and capable body.

A body that breaths deep in the belly. Full and slow movement and calm in its intent. The basis for all progression and it seems ridiculous to the average person. People know it but don’t know it. They can say how they know breathing deep slows them and brings calm around but they don’t do it. It’s like it’s a folk tail. I guess they won’t treat it like a folk tail when the world opens up to see folk tails as truth in plain sight. That for another day. Love to breath. Breath deep. Breath with the belly. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Repeat till your still, calm and in possession of no thought.

Combine both the breath and the juice. All your wildest dreams will come true!

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