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Dissecting Abundance

The essence of abundance is a separation from the real journey. A journey of fulfillment. I get the norm likes the cars, the money, the things you can do from these items. The other side of the norm’s not the stuff but the abundance of friends and things to do. Both sides is all still so lonely in the end as it’s all an outwardly journey. Abundance. A-B-Un-Dance. A the father. B the mother. Un-Dance (C- the child). The child is us. Un-dance doesn’t give me the feeling of enlightenment. It speaks separation from my inner family.

To find who I am in peace and contentment, it’s being clearly shown it’s in silence and in my breath. In the stillness of my mind and acceptance of the moment. I was recently asking for abundance as my outward life maintaining taxes, bills, and home line payments have been lacking. This does not stress me, or stress me much. I want the abundance for an illusion of safety. The money I feel I can help people with by giving when I see the homeless or hire people to aid in their journey. To keep my wife comfortable and a heated home in operating condition. This is not lasting abundance. It’s nice and comfortable but it is an Un-Dance.

Helping someone on the street is a smile or a conversation. Helping a friend is a motivational comment and a listening ear. A comfortable home is rolling up my sleeves and fixing things in stead of replacing items. Helping my loved ones find peace and satisfaction in the stillness of their mind. Conversation. An embrace. A smile. A breath.

So what is requirement when we view it in an external manner like abundance. No comfort of the heart or stillness of the mind. A sidetrack from finding us in the now within.

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