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Moving the flow

Finding stillness in every moment and opening up to the expectance of how the energy flows is a beautiful insight for every one to gain.

Moving or altering the flow to shift negative waves away from you seem to be an ability as well. The world is so fast paced still and inadvertently I feel I’m still attracting aspects of this construct to effect me. As this happens I adjust and move the flow. This is important as stopping the flow causes conflict and moving in an alternative trajectory appears to be move beneficial then stopping the flow. This doesn’t mean I’m not dealing with what’s going down but how I deal with it dictates if I’m adjusting or stopping.

Conflict seems to be the result when a stop happens and seeing how things are going down and shifting with and away from unfavourable situations doesn’t slow anything. A “no” may need to be put in front of you but how that “no” is used dictates a stop or a course correction. A solid “no”. Is a full stop. A “no” with a little effort and guidance can keep both sides moving. Sometime hard when feelings escalate but the benefits will show when you choose not to just throw out the “no”, and then just run.

This is an understanding* not many may inner-stand at this time but I know it’s important for people to hear me speak like this and of how I’m perceiving energy flow. We are of a new usage of our awareness. How we talk it out and learn how to redefine our words and meanings along the way, more people in this journey will grow.

My words are shifting as I break down the years of programming we’ve had that confine and direct us just in the way we talk to ourselves and others. Calmness expands into my existence pushing previous programming aside.

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