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False Idles

Genius that we see in others – we lay down our own thoughts and actions to follow blindly, this greatness they create. Only wish we could be great like them. They must have expensive and extensive training at great institutions we think. They must come from great families of capability we think. They must have gone through great adversity to be so strong again we think.

We must take inspiration to create our own. Inner-stand our own. Find all the answers within our own.

All this is of us and has been hijacked from our mindset from institutions we seem to think is where the knowledge and insight is. All these establishments are, is a closed box. The box is the way as long as you stay in the box and if you open it you will be demonized. We feel these people we idolize come from these institutions. They do not. Associated at a time with them or not, their genius is of them self and in spite of these institutions. True great people found them self to go higher then the box and held strength within them self to blast through the criticism and stand alone till their light starts to shine. A brightness we look up to.

When we see this genius in others it’s a signal that, what we are, is of capability and we all have this. So… start.

But how?

Be the observer. Breath and practice the breath. Cleanse the body with foods only of life and water. Take no thought for yourself and do the right thing in everything you do. In this – All your wildest dreams will come true. With peace, calm and cleansing, everything you are becomes active. Inundated with poisons and a busy schedule keeps you weak and insecure. You’ll become busy again but in a productive genius manner after you break down the troubles the world – the construct – has purposefully placed upon you.

So we take no idles but let them insight inspiration that a creature like you and I – can – do these wonderful things.

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