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Be more think less and…

We ask and receive. It is what we really ask and sit with though. All our collective intent dictates the flow of the world around us to accomplish what we desire. If we ask outwardly but disbelieve inwardly, what really do you think will happen. Similarly, if your mindset, firm from your upbringing, does not allow you to fully ask for what you want, it won’t come around. If it does, you won’t know how to see it and put it together as it sits and moves in front of you.

So what’s the real answer. Break down convention. Start small. Breath and understand you don’t know how to breath. It’s tough. We scoff at someone telling us to breath as that’s just dumb. “What the hell do you think we, as people, already do?” “I’m alive, therefore I breath”. Here in lyes the separation of a physical and metaphysical mind set or existence. Accept you don’t know how to breath. Now start in through your nose and out through your mouth. Make noise on the exhale and listen to yourself. Get ridiculous. Take deep breaths. Play with medium and long controlled breaths. Play games with your breathing to build control and get over being embarrassed around breathing in front of other people. Yes, they look at you weird. They don’t know what you know. And they don’t in what your about to find out!

It gets easier. Like in everything, just practice. When your in a rough time think, am I breathing? Does breathing calm and focus me? Does the style in how I breath make this calm and focus benefit me more and/or more quickly?

Now the breath brings focus and a clear mind. This clear mind proves the metaphysical and guides us to manifesting much more effectively. It also allows us to see how that manifestation transforms and comes together in front of us. Manifesting comes about beautifully and not the way a “construct” individual expects. That person thinks it’s like going to a store and seeing the exact request on the shelf. It is much better then that specific item. Once you can see it you will understand. Patience comes with the breath. Insight comes with the breath.

Breathing can be difficult in the beginning. From breaking down habits and by how the physical condition of our body plays against our breathing. If it’s hard to breath, slowly work your way into bigger breaths. Our concept of food dictates our physical body as well, which dictates our mind and control or calming of it. Think fruit and just add it in more. Think mono fruit. Eat or drink fruit separately from each other fruit item type and keep fruit away from eating vegetables or other unspoken items. Stuff left best unnamed. Slowly adopt this to whatever your intake currently is and over time it will convert your consumption to a healing platform.

Life and it’s beauty becomes auto pilot goodness when in control of your breath, thought and food.

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