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Kind Man

In an outward world of lies. One where we live a stream of lies and accustomed to the movement of lies in what we hear, what we say, and how we relay emotion. How do we even start to see how to pull our selves out?

The smallest of lies… there in is the trap. Finding weight amongst the lies is subterfuge for the ego we hold inside to keep truth from seeing the light. There is no difference in a small lie and a large lie. Easier to talk out a large lie as we see the result more but it’s the small ones that trap and pull us in. These are the ones we let go, oh too easily, and they intern feed the ego inside to grow and take hold. Every time the ego inside gets away with this little lie, we trap ourselves just that much more.

Love and compassion is in truth yet we are taught to lie out of love. Lie to show compassion. Seems a plot is amongst us and within us. A battle we change sides on every day. Too busy to recognize. Too insignificant we profess. And we say we are good people. Yet other lie, I’d say, when our definition of good holds and cherish’s the lie.

Call yourself out. Every time you do, is another step to controlling the ego you have inside and the programming it has you under. The kind man is only one side of mankind. Recognize no lie has a size or weight difference to another but all an equal tool keeping you from yourself and peace.

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