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I have I have I have

Take a listen to how we talk. I find an overwhelming amount of the things said at times is “I have”. This says a lot and is quite profound of a observation. Seriously, no scoffing here. The removal of this little statement actually reprograms much of the downsides of our imposed lifestyle direction. A direction we all are so unaware of.

Oh, I have one of those. I have a siamese cat. Oh yeah, I’d love to have that car. Dude, you have one of those! No connection. Just possession. It may go into feelings or stories of depth but the headline separates us from our right brain. A gateway to the beauty that is of our world and connection to the people we share it with.

Over consumed by holding and maintaining instead of how we, and the things around us, solve problems in the moment. The I have is not about thinking to spread these things around when everyone can benefit. The I have holds what they have and helps if it doesn’t effect the I haves holdings because the I have cannot be without those holdings as they loose their I have gained stature. As soon as you recognize and start curbing your usage of I have, connection to each other becomes apparent again.

Ok, really the thing is, when I have becomes your defining characteristic your removed from the way. The right way. Do the right thing. Help another. Think not for how your help benefits you. Just help. In the I have category you become part of the object and completely removed from our brothers and sisters and the real connection we all are missing out on.

Some say it’s to just figure out how much you have. But is this just another trap to maintain I have. I have… just at a different level. Is a minimalist any better then a hoarder? They both I have and just talk about I have differently not connecting outside of I have. The possession is the connection no matter the object.

This doesn’t mean be naked and live in the dirt and refuse comfort. Let’s just drop this physical statement in our common communication and allow life to reconnect in absence of this physical barrier. A book I am reading helped me focus in my journey to understand a problem in front of me. Here in we recognize an item of usefulness. We maintain life and a small lesson or journey we found ourself talking about, fully open to ourselves instead of headlining an object as our saviour. After all, we are all our own saviour if we give our selves a chance.

No, I have. All, I am!

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