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Leaving the word truth for truth

Looking at the words we use and their control of us. Health is a good one. The talk of one healthier then the next doesn’t mean they are healthy. If one eats something different then the next it doesn’t mean that food was good for their health, even if they both agree it’s the better item. Where are you at? Where is your awareness? Ah, there we are… awareness. This is a good word to adopt. Our awareness changes and adapts. Expands and contracts. Is a reflection of what we inner-stand and a stand point of our collective experiences. My awareness of my health. My awareness of the world around me. My awareness of my connection to people. My awareness of what is good. My awareness of what is evil. My awareness of the relationship of good and evil.

I felt comfortable talking about my truth. It seemed like a non threatening way of saying what I grew to understand. I’d say it was temporary comfort, in that I inner-stand, declaring my truth not only sullies the word and the magnitude it should hold but it hijacks Gods truth. Yes, I said it. Gods truth. Let’s loosen that up a bit before we move on. God or energy or the creator or the universe or I am that I am or Yahweh. That higher “power” is the truth in singularity. Non judgmental in giving us all free will but the truth is still this powers truth in singularity. If you hold, “your truth”, you may or may not be speaking truth… I think this is enough to speak the point. I go with my awareness on the path to inner-stand this high powers truth. My awareness is the path I’m on and the point on this path where I have my inner-standing. If it’s the truth it will maintain. If it’s not my awareness will adapt with me.

Now this goes out the window depending on your belief of something?! Or does it. A singularity in truth is common sense no matter what you talk about and an awareness of your understanding in the hope to achieve the truth is a fair statement so where ever you are from or whatever you were taught. I’d like to think we can communicate with more inner-standing using our awareness then the statement “my truth”. Leaving the word truth for truth.

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