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Letting go creates ease

I build my structure and how I maintain it dictates how restrictive it is on me. I’ve built very formidable strongholds all to find their weakness is the fear and isolation they bring.

Every time I bring the word fear up, I’m met with, “it’s not fear”. So before I move on, let’s clear this up. Fear is real, and in all sorts of places within us. It’s interjected in to our life to aid industry and someone else’s requirement that our fear facilitates. If you are concerned, that’s fear. If you are worried, that’s fear. If you are aware of a deadline that is fear. If you mind is consumed, that’s fear. Fear is prevalent in all these and more. We don’t speak to fear because it outwardly indicates we are weak and in this world we are taught we cannot move forward if we show weakness. Seeing our fear everywhere allows us to inner-stand where it is coming from so we can make adaptations to remove it. So own your fear to move to rid fear from your life.

We spend our lives building a stronghold to live in and keep people out. This is apparent if you start observing different households. You’ll notice the less particular, specialized and manicured the home, the more people move in and out and live without locks, gates and timeframes. The more specific, guarded, locked and detailed, the less you see people and when you do it’s very structured and steadfast.

Which relative or friends house did you enjoy going to as a child? Our answers are all around us and under their stolen term I’m taking back. Common sense. If we observe, we see happiness is in sharing and the flow and acceptance of people. Not through the protection of property. Take your whole life to shield yourself from others and find loneliness and depression. So many industries want this. Every problem they make for us they can easily convince us to give them more money and the ball starts rolling till you’ve fallen from happiness.

Take two items. For me I love hot wheels cars. I take two. Put them in my hands. I like them both but one I really like and want. That’s the one I know I must give away. A holder creates a jail. Someone who releases creates peace. Have nice things but have nice things for another too. Try giving someone something nicer then the one you have. We fall when we buy a new and give the old one to someone. I know that doesn’t make outward sense in the moment but we are talking about peace, health, happiness and connection to this world and the people in it. Just try it on and see how wonderful you feel. If you adopt this train of thought you’ll start seeing more in your life of purpose and less items of restriction. And along comes focus and calm.

We chose the things we do and the things that aid in doing them. We chose to have families and the responsibilities we choose for those families. We choose what we do to put food in our mouths and power to our homes. Maintaining what we have instead of giving what we have is the trap. If you find your self unable to give because you have no time or no resources then it is most plausible you have built a stronghold of fear. Oops, I know you don’t like hearing that word and your resisting… breath and just think thought exploration to open up your possibilities to allow you to flow with other peoples energy instead of finding you have to say no to people as much as you do.

This isn’t yes man yes man, but it is an open structure we want with flow and ability. Not a closed box that has no flex. You are never trapped. Ever. It is a mindset placed upon you and reinforced by society and the training of your upbringing. Most often by loving people that are trapped the same way not knowing what they are passing down to you.

One last thing. No judgement here. Just insight and open thought.

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