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One of the Beastie Boys praises the other for a response given to the press about being a hypocrite. He said, “I’d rather be a hypocrite then to be the same person the rest of my life”.

I wouldn’t suggest to strive to be a hypocrite but be alright to in the process of growth and change. We are breaking down lies all around us. If truth shows up adapt to the truth. Don’t swallow it and stand firm in a lie. You are growing when you can allow change to occur. Let your guard down to be humble.

I quite enjoy seeing people who allow and own their previous words which turned out false to still stand under their new ones without hiding their journey. It’s strength, a story, character and growth I have great respect for. I do admire this however in those who are genuine and really are trying. There are those that just spit out gossip without regard. There’s no respect from me in this manner of sharing thought.

I personally await a further story to arise from the Beastie Boys.

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