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Why is truth complex

The truth hurts sometimes as we live in a world where lies are more acceptable. A toxic society is unfortunately the downfall. Our way out is telling each other the truth and being kind in this truth. That kindness isn’t going to be perceived this way as we all learn how to handle the truth. What’s the famous phrase? You can’t handle the truth! So famous, we adopted it into our lives and listened to the programming. We can handle the truth and the truth is what we need.

Speaking the truth about fruit is our food and speaking the truth about how a friend you made you feel bad, utilize the same word but fall into different usage. They are being used to express two different truths. One is your feeling and here is where telling “your truth” began. At this point, telling “your truth” was pushed in for us to use about the hard truths and disregard them to flap around like unchecked emotions. like we are frugivors. This is the truth but we all run around telling each other, my truth is I’m a carnivore. My truth is I’m an omnivor. And all under the concept of “your truth”. Genius how we’ve been pushed to battle each other. All in how words and phrases are interjected into popular culture cleverly dividing us and creating discourse and industry sales. Yup, more money to be made through our discourse and it’s nothing new.

Silence is and has always been another reinforced method of controlling how we communicate with each other. Don’t kid yourself in thinking they did not create phrases to control us. Phrases like, “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all”. Sound decent enough but tagged in with this is the expectation that you can’t discuss what the other person is doing to hurt you and a wall was just placed up between the two where communication would have kept it down and different opinion would have been realized and diffused. Silence bottles frustration and anger and guess how that grows.

So I spend effort paying attention to telling people the truth when we were taught to be silent. Spending more effort when people are telling lies to facilitate their position and spending more effort changing “your truth” to awareness for truths not yet fully realized that are in the journey process. It’s complicated because it’s been made to be complicated for a reason where ultimately once we clean this complex society up we will know how to talk to each other. Speak the truth in its singularity and the truth will be reflected everywhere instead of seeing contrasting lies placed strategically throughout industry, media, government and popular culture to keep truth complicated.

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