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What and how we eat TODAY

What I currently eat is not all fruit. It’s been a long decade+ journey figuring out my body. Years and years of thinking professionals would help. They let me down over and over and the frustration mounted many times. My successes began every time I payed attention to my body. I stalled out though as I didn’t understand detox and going through the process to find repair within my body. This is one of the areas we do need to help each other with so we make it through cleansing the stuff from our body and not mistaking it for going the wrong direction.

About 11 years ago I had thyroid cancer with surgery and radiation treatment. Something I didn’t need to do but didn’t know then and no one around me to side track this fiasco. It started my exploration as I found I had a wicked dairy allergy. I cut dairy and all process foods out of my daily consumption. Read labels over and over and found if I was reading a label, I was making the wrong decision just in that there is a label. I hovered around 200-220lbs through this time. Almost 6 years ago now I dropped meat and eggs from my consumption and within 2 weeks everything changed. My health jumped up substantially and a couple weeks after that I went off oil. My sore joints disappeared and my skin started clearing up. Weight was dropping off and my energy and clarity rising dramatically. The pandemic hit and I had been utilizing Dr. Gregor for quite a bit of guidance but he was oddly prepared for the pandemic. A red flag went up in my head. He also only kept my attention to vegetables and never found much on digestion. Around this time I found Charlie Freak through Canadian Anon Army and Fruit was mentioned as the key. It was. Today I consume mainly fruit. Nothing satisfies more then a beautiful tall hand squeezed fresh orange juice. There’s a lot of ailments and health challenges I’ve been through during all this and I’ll talk about them as they were challenging and story worthy but for now I just want to start talking about what I currently eat. The good of it and the cheating I currently do. I’d then like to talk about the years of different things and foods I used in transition that helped my move off a lot of foods that held me and Lyndsy off western addictions.

Morning – 3 large oranges / fresh hand juiced / separate the hard pulp and save the soft pulp and place the light pulp on a cut up banana or a mango.

I drink the juice first then eat the fruit after. I want the juice to be the first thing going through my system as it will flow and cleanse the best

Mid morning to noon – 3 large oranges / fresh hand juiced separate the pulp as above and eat the light pulp in a bowl and eat what loose fruit is around. Cherries, a pear, an apple, a banana or whatever was good at the market. I try not to eat a variety and look at eating each item as separate as possible so my body doesn’t have the difficulty of mixed items in digestion

Mid to late afternoon – this is vegetable time. Either a full live meal / that means raw / or a half live and half dead meal. I say it this way because I like to recognize the nutritional value of what I’m eating. Dead is cooked vegetables and live is raw vegetables. Often the dead portion is just lightly steamed or water sautéed and still somewhat beneficial. I still call it dead as raw is where I want my taste buds to eventually end up.

Live example – zucchini noodles / cherrie tomatoes / home made guacamole / herbs / black pepper and a touch of sea salt to taste

50/50 dead/live example – mushrooms and cauliflower pan fried (water cooking, no oil) mix with fresh herb seasoning and fresh or roasted ginger / sliced avocado fresh / red peppers chopped fresh / fresh tomatoes / fresh basil / lime juice fresh squeezed to taste / black pepper / touch of Himalayan sea salt to taste / cheat – occasionally on rice noodles or white rice (neither a benefit so I go white so it passes through better then a whole or brown grain)

Early evening – 3 large oranges / fresh hand juiced separate the pulp as above and eat the light pulp in a bowl and often left to beef up the morning bowl of pulp and mango or banana. Sometimes I’ll add a blood orange or a grapefruit for a change in taste.

Occasionally mid evening – nice cream / chopped brown bananas frozen previously mixed in a blender with another item for a creamy natural cool treat. Mix with blueberries. Mix with a couple Medjool dates. Mix with mango. Mix with cocoa and a pinch of salt. Sometimes add a little coconut milk for creamier texture.

Once or twice every week or two we eat out at very selective places. It gets us out and we help promote and support places that are great for people to utilize to transition. We want them to keep helping and it gives us an nice excursion but it also lowers our cleanliness in digestion, joint pain and skin condition. We closely pay attention to all these variables so we know exactly what we are choosing to allow hurt us. A pain we will talk about and consciously choose before going that direction.

Every two to three weeks we will have 1-3 beers each. We know this is the worst of it all but we are very selective and often it’s in a social situation where we are sharing guidance in nutrition yet showing where we came from and the ability others can have in just making changes they can handle along the way.

The way to the right way. In the end our best health is in the fruit juice. A tall glass of hand squeezed orange juice is a meal for me. Lyndsy doesn’t quite compute it as a meal yet and together we balance this eating regime to coincide with both of us. I push for more juice and she pushes for more vegetable meals. Together we just keep talking and comparing how our bodies feel and what problems we find with the choices we make. We both agree nothing is as good as a nice tall glass of orange juice. Almost everything else we eat or create we can get tired of but the orange juice doesn’t ever seem to get old.

Cost is ridiculous. We spend $4-500 a month just in oranges and that’s one of the best prices in the city at out favourite DJ Market here in Calgary.

I truly believe everything can change in this world through free fruit. A conversation for another post. I carry a hand squeezer around with knife and cutting board and a couple cups so we can juice where ever we find our selves. I don’t carry it around all the time but am working toward it always being close at hand. Shopping for fruit is every 2-3 days so there is always something at hand and great to give to people on the street in my travels as fruit is always welcomed by the beautiful homeless people I run into.

We do drink filtered Berkey water but mainly around the eating of vegetables. Hydration from the juice is crazy. Not only are we always hydrated but the hydration from fruit is the most pure filter water. Get a way from our horrible tap water where ever you can. Another big note is that we do not mix fruits and vegetable meals. We also talk about our food consumption to everyone. Absolutely everyone. We try to drink from glass whenever possible as it’s neutral and I use chop sticks to further distance myself from metals. Lyndsy still likes forks so we’re on the hunt for some nice Woden utensils

I’ll make another post on items leaned heavily on to transition with that don’t serve us anymore but really helped us get here. Like what breads or how to make your own. Hard taco shells. Which processed fake meat alternatives. Wow, now I’m really going back but so many options I can share to help you keep your sanity and still move toward your ultimate health.

Love you all. Fruit is the answer. It answers almost everything. And everything once you understand fruit. Oh, and I’m a natural weight of 140-145lbs continually and stronger, more alert, crazy fast recovery of strains (always within a day).

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