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a Vietnamese sub

Lyndsy and I ate a Vietnamese sub from Nan’s Noodle House.

I messaged Lyndsy in the morning that I’d like to take her to lunch out in Cochrane. A little town west of Calgary where Thai Ozon, another restaurant we choose to eat at, resides. They are closed Mondays and for some reason this always evades me. We didn’t drive out there but remembered when I got back to pick up Lyndsy. So, we went to the Dandelion in Ramsey as we heard they were back up and running again. We had to find out if the original chef, Jewels was back there or not. Alas, they were closed. On the way down to the Dandelion, Lyndsy spotted a Vegan Taco Bar in Inglewood Just down from The Blues Can. We drove back there to look at their menu. It spoke there was to be an adventure. Who knows what kind of adventure. Once you clean up your body an exploration in food isn’t necessarily desirable. We may go back, sit down and talk out their menu with them to try them out but at this point I had my heart now set on Mondays Plant Cafe. Previously Raw in Kensington, Mondays Plant Cafe in Bridgeland creates such wonderful meals that really are so very good in both health and taste. After sitting, waiting for them to open with another waiting couple for noon, a quarter after we realized they were closed this day in lou of the past Canada Day.

Now, I joked at Mondays Plant cafe, that compared to what we eat at home, they were our junk food. They are definitely no plate of nachos (there’s a pun there) or bottle of coke but a wonderful treat to our senses whilst still giving our body’s something of benefit and not discourse.

Nan’s is much more junk food to us. More processed and meals with more oils, hot spice and pho meats. Now, I love Nan’s though for two reasons. First they are doing something wonderful by providing a great restaurant for people to transition off meat without the will power to give up the tradition of it in their thought. This is such a huge mental leap for people, that full vegan restaurants like this are a blessing. Now I said they are more processed, and that is true. They are more processed but by their own hands. They create their meats and their dishes much more in house then a recent vegan addition to Calgary that will not be named. May as well be a mcDonalds for how tragically their menu comes from industry bagged and packaged ingredients. Nan’s Noodle House has its place and we stop in sometimes for Pho or Vermicelli. They may not be top on our list but to just be on our list is a huge feat! It also speaks to stay on our list. This time we tried their sub.

These Vietnamese’s subs were all memory. First I noticed the bun. Crispy and took me back a couple decades to Vietnamese subs from China town. We don’t eat bread anymore. Ha! I had Lyndsy make bread sticks the other day as my brain was tweaking. Aside from this glitch we just don’t, anymore, and has been quite some time. I’ll talk to you about bread soon for those not willing to give it up. You have choices that will actually step up your bread game and consume better ingredients. The sub was crispy and you could see the light oil that aided in this. It was all memory. It was fantastic. First bite, all flavour and ohhh so tantalizing. By the second half our memory lane treat was fading and realization of what we were eating was coming in. It was wonderful but Lyndsy and I have juice for a full meal and this sub is such a past category for us.

The beautiful thing is, it didn’t spiral us into a migraine the next day as their food is clean enough. It doesn’t outwardly hurt us when we eat it on occasion. I dealt with some stiffness in my joints. Usually felt when I get a little oil in the meal. Bumps on the forehead the next morning. Tired the rest of the day and phlegm. The moving kind though, not the hard congestion non moving migraine type. Digestion will definitely change with this meal.

It was worth it. The experience was good in we chose it. We discussed it before hand and the discourse we received was at the level we were willing to accept. Thank you Nan’s. This is not at all a sad story about your food. You are providing a place for people wanting to stop eating animals and still satisfy all their taste buds they currently would not choose other wise to rid themselves of. We need more of restaurants like you so I’ll continue to support you in my selective ways.

Weighing the memories of food with the reality our body’s are still on a journey of healing. A slippery slope when you get to a point, as with most all foods we hold dear, it’s the system, tradition, and habits that keep us in them. Not the ingredients. It’s the ingredients and construction that dictate our healing though. I see food to be spoken for what they are. In the close moments ahead. Allowing proper fruits and select vegetables to become understood as food and the rest as chemical poisons. It’s not that far off and a long awaited relief for us all.

One more note as everyone sees us as sensitive. We appear sensitive as our body’s are clean. In the years past that our body’s maintained a level of western poisons, our body did whatever it could to keep us from shutting down. This created a numbness. Our bodies were just trying to survive so our senses were literally flat. We couldn’t feel what everything we injected into us was doing. Now, we have given our body’s a clear way of communicating and being apart of the process with us. It’s wonderful and giving this power back to our body’s, furthermore listening to it, is a beautiful gift.

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