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Along for the ride or released to your own vibration. As I master interpreting what’s happening around me I find so much peace in silence. I’ve spent the last month with very little for monetary installations with my busy-ness and it’s been beautiful. Doesn’t pay the bills but that’s what they are after. To keep you stressed on the next set of bills. It didn’t phase me. I’ve been the most relaxed I’ve ever been. In fact the stress came back when the jobs came rolling in. Funny though as non of the jobs are taxing or difficult. They have skill required but I posses that. Good sized stuff to set my finances straight. It saddens me though as it’s to facilitate bills and not things that help man kind or Mother Earth. Just to pay the man for allowing me to… to what?

At the same time as the construct kicked back in, so I can pay bills, I found a set of wheels for the car Lyndsy drives. I jumped in and secured them. At this point the movement of what wheels go on what and which tires go where began. Wow, that’s a trigger for me. I got into it, so I had to go through it. Like eating something you shouldn’t have. Now your in it for the ride. The more I move forward clearing my mind and cleansing my body, all these things I used to love doing just look like frustration and pulls back to the construct. Keeping myself seeing what’s happening is good though. Secondly I’m trying to handle these situations differently as not to invite back old habits. Lastly, I’ll look at not entering into these triggers anymore.

I am asking, of the world, to trust in me, great abundant resources to feed and talk to people. I love creating and building so many different things but I could talk and juice oranges on a regular basis just to share my story and my health and watch it spread. To give what I hand juice away for free is the best thing I can think of. It really is. A facility in an orchard of some sort and a travelling component to just get the message and truth out. All through an glass of Hand squeezed orange juice. Triggers no more.

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