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What our fridge looks like

Right now we stalk our fridge like this. Some fruits and vegetables vary depending what’s good at the market but Orange juice is our mainstay. Some speak orange juice is too bothersome and juicing watermelon or cantaloupes is their ideal but for us the Oranges are heaven. So filling and amazingly satisfying. We hand juice 18-24 oranges per day for the two of us and include fruits in their un-juiced form and a vegetable meal. Vegetables separate from fruits always. Little water here and there but hydration is mainly from the oranges now. Water during vegetable consumption if thirsty.

Once or twice a week or two we go out for select meals at select places. Sometimes more sometimes less. Keeping balanced in the past helped us stay calm. These days we are not balanced to the construct side. We definitely have leaned on the wholistic side of mankind and although partaking in the old fabricated world is much less, my statement of balance is thankfully not equal. It does still maintain ties. For this moment in our lives, this is a conscious choice. Makes for a slower healing process but one that is progressing smoothly and noticeably.

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