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Release thought for clarity

In exploration of a non linear time mindset, the reconstruction of a reality is wondrous. So many aspects have be placed in front of us to reaffirm this linear nonsense. I find keeping focus a challenge for this topic. As I let the concept play in my head casually, it is changing and growing.

There are a few situations and feelings that have me felling a connection to the past and the future with no real outward knowingness of what’s happening. Not just in recent years but for quite some time. Ha! See, it’s interjected everywhere. The feeling of this connection to the past and future in lyes the key. Just labeling it this way, to me, is confirmation linear time is definitely false and I’m just less programmed to allow the multitude of our expanse effect me.

Now I’m talking the best I can right now and conceptually I know tomorrow and yesterday are points of distraction and/or pulled from definitions placed in front of me to control and cage me. My best methods of reprogramming is calm, relaxation and space to allow what really is, to build in focus.

With such minuscule words to describe what this is that lyes behind the false linear time, why talk about it? To get it out. To let it adapt and cultivate. To release thought from the mind and yet have it play out and not disappear.

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