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A white blanket

Back in at my installations yesterday. Part of how I facilitate things in the construct. I was requested to cover a food trailer I had just recently wrapped. Originally a red trailer that I wrapped in black with a pizza topping white outline design. Yesterday, I was called in to cover it all in white.

Seeing what is and around us is the story we write. A reflection of our thoughts and intent. The white was crisp fresh and clean.

The new food truck operator, present, was young and full of drive and vibrance. You could see the energy bounding off the walls. This particular food truck is inside a facility with two others and a converted VW Vanagon juice bar. Quite the indoor food court.

Finding what to say to people, best in balance, to allow information to make a difference. I am listening and allowing the words to flow. In this case I opened up my work table and my tool kit and said “I’m just going to get at it”. I then pulled out my hand juicer and started cutting oranges. He was beside him self in excitement at what I was doing in front of him and asked if he could take a picture. “Yes, of course you can.” “Why oranges?” he asked, and I let a few sentences out. He talked about how he was concerned and needed to get on his health. He then went back to the excitement of his new venture. Chicken wings for the food truck. It wasn’t time for me to go into information pertaining to the wrongs of the venture he was embarking on. I did think about it, as what I make money at shouldn’t stop me from helping, just because I want the monetary gain. It was clear in that I could show him, say a few word and allow it to cultivate within him.

Second time I pulled the juicer out he was watching and spoke, “second cup eh.” “Yes.” I replied, and we kept moving on. He wasn’t as excited as the first time but the mark had been made. No matter his direction and focus, Orange Juice, fresh squeezed is now imprinted and filtering through his existence as possibility.

I was blessed to take this black pizza graphic riddled trailer and cleanse it in a blanket of white all while installing healing ideals to those around me. Just another -work- day? Definitely more then bringing the money in.

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