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Community outside the screen

Taking thought for yourself. The tool of the devil. Not ignoring your existence or importance, rather the opposite. Finding who you truly are within and the connection we all have together becomes apparent. In this enlightenment the care and pull to help those around us in all manners, fills our actions. In the littlest situations to as much as you feel to give.

Lyndsy and I are social media removed now and been this way for some time. It’s completely clear how social media is the definition of taking thought for yourself. A specifically driven platform to share self serving information regularity and with competition to others. “Look at what I’m doing!” How pretty do I look!” “I bought this new item, see!” I’m eating and want you to look at me!”

Now like everything, man/womankind in all our beauty does find ways to push extraordinarily wonderful things out in the worst situations so this is a generalization. The sad thing is, the social media movement is a specifically created platform for the general public to exert thought for yourself. You tell yourself it’s to share with you family or an expression of who you are but don’t kid yourself, it’s just a bunch of bragging and selfishness with very little action and when there’s action it is monetized and the apparent nature of social media is destructive to mankind.

Lyndsy and I are as connected to the world as everyone else. Our connection is real and in person. In this method we are present to help, hands on and engage in complex communication inciting healing and a growth of community. If, in this post, I sound self serving to share Lyndsy and my help to others in comparison to social media-ites lack of man/womankind healing and compassion, then I’ll take the criticism for the hope the message sits with people a little more and we can start getting off these demonic platforms. Go out and talk to each other. Become community outside the screen.

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