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Up the feeling

The retaliation of a clean body. It’s definitely a real thing that most all think are allergies and genetic disposition or whatever else garbage you’ve been told. Let me break it down for you from experience. Trust me when I say experience. Over a decade of battering myself, trying to get my health clean and taking the pain when I get it wrong. And then wrong again, and again and again.

Upon every event that I screwed up or yielded to bad decisions from past addictions or holiday traditions, my body told me. Told me loud and clear in various ways but the most evident is the epic head battering. It’s a high congestion pressure pain migraine. So intense it takes you out for a day. Sometimes when looking for even more there have been back to back days where it lifts the first evening and your think you are out but comes roaring back around the second day. There have been a few triple headers that just make you wonder if it will last the rest of your life.

You can either get clean and stay clean. You can cower back to the past and live in metabolic ridden diseases, numbness and death or you can clean things up and slowly pull yourself out getting taught lessens all along the way every time you go backward or learn something new. It doesn’t mean your sensitive. It means your body is waking up from the inundated nonsense of society, tradition and marketing keeping you in a state of death. Yes death. Your not living till you find yourself fully on fruit. Every stage and level I thought was the way gave me a feeling of awe and wonder till it levelled and I learnt an new stage to up the feeling.

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