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Lies lying within the grey

You’d say not everything is black and white. It -is- this distinct and clear though. Your using your senses not your heart. Deception lyes within your programmed sight, hearing, touch and smell. This, as it’s actually the contrived environment around you using your senses without your permission.

As beautiful as it is that we have these senses, the programming we have received utilizes our senses against us. Addictions, memories and our environment are some of the things in this thing called society. A construct we somehow think is our world.

How would you even know if what I’m telling you is at all valid? Take the moment to find peace in nature. Absent from the sounds of the city and any contrived establishment or aid we use brought on by the “human”. Here, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

At first a rush of different. Then a withdrawal of sorts before your senses calm down and you settle. Breathing slows and becomes deeper. As nature’s sounds, smells and sights tapper down from the initial excitement, then so do you. No matter the chirping bird, whirling breeze or trickling water the natural sounds settle into you to allow you to come out or rather you to go in. Manufactured noises, smells and sights never settle. You may say we get used to them in the city but we’re actually just trying to get by every day. Just hoping for a break. Here in is the realization. Finding the line confusing when faced with wrong and right.

It doesn’t mean someone can’t find themselves in the city and become at peace. Know what to do and what not to do. It does however take great focus and unnecessary effort to get a glimpse of the truth and the clear distinction that lyes on one side or the other. That distinct clear line, that society has worked very hard at creating a multitude of grey.

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