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What We Ate TODAY

Started the day with 500 ml of hand squeezed Orange Juice – Navel Oranges. We separate off the coarse pulp and take the light pulp and put it on a chopped banana and added a handful of blueberries. Drank the juice first completely. Ate the fruit after. Yes combined but not with the juice.

Went with a veggie meal late morning next. Live and dead combo plate. I water sautéed with a lid some mushrooms and thick spiralled sliced zucchini. nothing else added just let it steam and sauté in the pan in the mushroom rue. Mashed some avocado in with diced red cherrie tomatoes and chopped basil from the garden. Added fresh ground pepper from the mortar and petal with some roasted ginger we prepared a week or two back. Placed a pile of the avocado tomato blend on the plate and poured over the soft mushroom zucchini mix.

Thought it was to be a juice next but Lyndsy offered to make some carrot flatbread wraps. she mixes quickly some flour and water. Nothing else and then pan cooks with no oil the flat bread after she rolls them out. Roasted some baby carrots with dill in the mean time and prepped an avocado for spread. Chopped some yellow cherrie tomatoes and fresh basil. Chopped a cucumber and added a stripe of mustard to the wrap on assembly.

Finish the day off with watermelon for a snack and 500ml of Hand juiced Orange Juice. Separately from each other.

Water here and there as less juice decreases hydration. We use Berkey filtered water. Room temperature.

We fall and rise every day. Fall to the mustard with its content of vinegar and salt. Fall to the flour. Fall to the cooked vegetables. This fall is in conjunction to where we typically hold ourself. Rise to the juice allays. Not being to harsh on ourselves but not too lenient and definitely paying attention to how our body reacts. Amount of phlegm. Soreness of limbs. Any headaches. Skin conditions.

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