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Are you participating or manipulating

We lie. Yeah, everywhere and all the time. In various forms and without comprehension. Does this serve a purpose? Yes. It divides and weakens us all. We have all been taught to be nice and that means to lie or say nothing. Taught to us as a social nicety. Interesting?! This now being one of the biggest pits we find ourselves maneuvering out of. One most are unaware of.

I think we are going to have to hurt each other’s feelings for a little while as we adjust to telling the truth.

Example. When you lie you now live in fear. I don’t give a shit if you think you are man and have no fear. You hide behind these words. What I speak of is fear and it breaks down like this. You lie and keeps you from dealing with the finality of the situation till it comes back around again. If it doesn’t come back around again, it’s always in the back of your mind. This unfinished situation cultivated by a lie is fear. In parallel, when you say nothing to clarify what you could have, to invoke solution, you now are in the situation of fear as well. This because the situation will come back around for you to deal with at another time. By lying or by not speaking, you removed yourself from the now and placed yourself in passive or very obtrusive fear due to finality being chosen for an unknown alternative moment. Like the false concept of the future.

To be living in the now means to be present and clear of the future or the past. Both items of a false, man made, construct of linear time. Anything not in the now is false and more importantly of fear.

To master the now, live in truth. Spoken truth in participation. It may feel wrong or hurtful as we have all be living in fear so long, but like anything, we will become more graceful at speaking and speaking in truth. Here in we find the now and our solutions.

When in doubt, of your moment, ask if you are participating or manipulating. Truth holds tight to the good and your freedom.

Disclaimer – interpretation – if you interpreted my words, you interpret them based off our differences in culture and definitions. If something does not jive with you, that doesn’t mean we don’t inner-stand each other. It often means definitions from cultivated education and environment creates division. Sit with information more then just upon reading. Find clarity and contemplation and inner-standing will help us communicate. Stop the insta opinion/fact standpoint the construct taught you and I. A teaching pushed upon us to view as a deserved right.

All said, you have free will. Guidance is an example you resonate with.

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