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Lunch out Today -updated-

Today Lyndsy and I are going for a drive to Thai Ozon in Cochrane for lunch. Cooked vegetable plates with rice. They offer much more. The wonderful woman there guides us to which meals do not contain oil and other items we choose not to eat.

It’s the duplicity of an experience and of healing. The drive is a break from the routine and the food, we have such appreciation for what restaurants like Thai Ozon is doing just being open for the general public as a place to help remove the poisons from our lives. Not optimal is optimal when it upgrades what you consume.

They make all their own sauces and all their own deserts. Beautiful sit down restaurant. Plentiful portions and pleasant service always. We eat selectively but for most people, all items on the menu are a great experience of benefit.

Love you Thai Ozon. Today I’m going to learn the wonderful woman’s name that we have known for countless meals. Update – Sonya is her name.

After lunch UPDATE

Quite the smoky drive with all the BC fires drifting in. Been quite the common “occurrence” these past few years.

Lunch was wonderful. I enjoyed a vegetable dish with spinach and peanut sauce. comes with a side of rice during lunch and full of yellow peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tofu and garnished with a radish. We have tried stopping the desert portion but failed today. The banana cake was wonderful. All sauces and deserts made in house.

Number 26 in the menu
Banana Cake – made in house
Inside Thai Ozon
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