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What We Ate Today

Today started with a long overdue dry fast.

We decide the day before and make sure we end our previous day on juice for the last meal. Which was watermelon juice. Well, more like slushy as I just blended it and we enjoyed an evening summer watermelon treat. The truth was the watermelon was a letdown and we just consumed it after blending for the nutritional content as not to waist a subpar watermelon. Canadian access to fruit sadness.

The -fast- goes overnight while we sleep and then we take it to mid day the next day. This means no water or food when we wake up and nothing till mid day sometime. Today we had Orange Juice at 12:30 pm. This gets your body past the 12 hour mark to actually start on some healing. Healing your body is just itching to get to. You really feel the benefits of a small fast like this the next day. TIP – start and end fasts on fruit. Easy flowing digestion going into a fast and coming out of a fast.

After an afternoon of painting the fence together we chopped up ingredients for tacos. So here is where we still cheat more then get it healthy. The meal is still good for us but we do use hard taco shells for a hint of the past. They have some oil in them but we are aware of how little they outwardly effect us when we don’t overdue them.

So we do tacos many different ways. As far as filling them we do it in two sections. Dead and live. The dead portion is pan cooked mushrooms and usually fine chopped cauliflower but I requested baby carrots instead of cauliflower this go around. No oil cooking. Little water regularly and a lid for control. We season it. Usually black pepper, smoked paprika, tiny bit of cayenne and some fresh ginger. The smoked paprika and cayenne is to pull on old flavours but we do find them to hinder health. That could also be because they are spices from the old world. Ha! That grocery store bought shit still left in the drawer from years past. The live portion is guacamole and diced cherrie tomatoes. Tasty and fun. I like eating with my hands.

On that note. I eat with my hands or chopsticks foremost. I very rarely eat with metal utensils. Another point as why I like raw food where possible as food should just not be around metal.

Going over to a friends tonight to catch up. I’d estimate there will be a 1 or 2 beer scenario. That’s fine but alway risky, as, if the beer was enough to tip me over and give me a headache the next day. What kind and type of beer definitely helps but in the end true comfort the next day is determined by not having any. I try to make it alright by drinking a lot of water but no mater the hydration factor choosing not to have the beer is the happy ending. Update – 2 beers – water would have been fine. No need for the beers. Breaking down old requirements. Did drink a couple litres of Berkey filtered water. I think 2 litres. It’s from a clear wine bottle I started using. Perfect to Carry a larger amount of water in. Something neutral for the water to sit in.

I will end today with juice and if felling hungry some mango. Update the Juice was before the beers by an hour or so and no mangos.

Tacos at home
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