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The Orange Juice

For Lyndsy and I, the Orange Juice has been the stabilization of our current intake. We tire of things like everyone else but found fruit didn’t take on this lac lustre. It’s hydrating, which is huge. It always tastes sooo good. That’s a bonus. It never gives us bloating or gas. Our poop is better the more we consume.

We can’t have too much. If your body has had enough it just takes the glycogen produced and stores it in your muscles till needed again. My strength and stamina is really good. The big thing for me is my recovery rate from a strain. Gone within a day

Having them come in this great natural container makes for ease of transport and a barrier from the crap of the chemical world. I just cut up 3 Navel oranges each. That’s usually just under 500 ml. I pick them by weight mainly. The heavier, the more the juice content. Just pick one up in the bin and toss it lightly in your hand to feel the weight then repeat to get an average. Take the heavy one’s once you get an idea of a few from the bunch in front of you.

I line them up and cut them all in half then start hand juicing. Doesn’t take much with the right juicer. My first one was a small metal juicer that required so much more effort. The right tool is always a must. I then pull the coarse pulp off the juicer and toss it back in the rind. We are looking for smooth digestion and the coarse white pulp of the orange stays with the rind for us. All that goes to the compost and the light pulp gets tossed on a bowl of banana, mango, or tossed in a bowl by itself to eat or go in the fridge to boost up the next juices pulp.

Clean up is a breeze as everything rinses off clean. The little effort gets balanced after you gain a little technique in spinning the orange on the juicer. I don’t find there’s an easier meal to prepare when you relate it to the satisfaction you get from the food.

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