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What We Ate Today

Taking care of Lyndsy today as she rides the jalapeño migraine. Not absolute that’s the cause but today that’s the name. I start with Orange Juice mid morning with light pulp on fresh mango. Couple hours later chopped up some kiwi. Shortly after sitting with the kiwi I chopped up half a cantaloupe each.

Mid afternoon I see a jar of sauce Lyndsy mixed up yesterday and grabbed some items out of the fridge. This will be our vegetable meal and it will be a half dead half live meal. Dead being the cooked portion.

Took pictures this time for you. I went with egg plant and thought to cook it like mushrooms. Water sautéed in a pan with a lid, some tomatoes left over from yesterday chopped with basil, added some coconut flour. Not needed but I like the final look and texture occasionally. Some Methi, black pepper and some fresh ginger. Let simmer on low heat to soften and turn the oven on to broil on Hi.

I’ll turn my attention to making thin zucchini noodles and toss Lyndsy’s wonderful avocado, fresh squeezed lemon juice and fresh dill sauce into the noodles. Chop up some cherry tomatoes and an avocado. The avocado does make this a heavy fat meal just so you know. Go out and grab some fresh basil from the garden. during this time I transferred the eggplant to broiling on a parchment paper tray to go in for browning.

As I finished up the fresh ingredients and plated, I rinsed all the cookware as vegetables and fruit are easy to clean up after. Just in time to plate the dead portion of the meal. Mix it together if you like but I like to eat things somewhat separate at least at first and mix if one aspect of the meal needs some zing or punch from the other aspect of the meal. Otherwise I really like exploring individual tastes where I can. Mother Nature provides us with some of the most beautiful flavours and for some reason we’re taught to throw those out with more and more complexity.

This satisfies the traditional cooked meal we grew up with yet maintaining at least a 50% fresh portion to help us transition further.

Things in this meal that I could pay attention to is less flour or no flour, I can stop the cooking earlier and decrease the amount the items get cooked. The meal didn’t need the chopped avocado as it already had an avocado sauce.

The meal was a success though. Kept it relatively simple and was easy to prepare and clean up after. Quite satisfying large portion. I received a thank you for Lyndsy so I’m doing right by her today.

Later we will have one or two orange juice meals, or a orange juice meal and a nice cream meal as I should continue taking care of Lyndsy and do the nice cream where her strength is sauces.

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