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What We Ate Today – Special Edition

July 19th was a requested lesson for Lyndsy.

Started off with a light dry fast. We went till I believe 10 or 11 am then moved into our hand squeezed orange juice and light pulp on chopped banana.

We had a kitchen backsplash to instal for a serial show Blue Flame Kitchen and headed down to location after 1pm. On location, in out of the thick smoke and in filtered air we found the installer before us requiring us to hold off till he finished.

Lyndsy and I found a closing cafeteria and shared a small Americano. We both have been completely off coffee for months now so it was definitely noticeable. The air was really good as we have been doing our best to stay indoors out of the smoke. This we relaxed and took full advantage of.

We did have our Berkey filtered water on us for some hydration in a large glass wine bottle for neutral holding of the water.

We moved into installation mode later in the afternoon just before 4pm. Finishing at 7pm. We sat in the parking lot and talked about treating ourselves. Here in is our occasional downfall.

Lyndsy and I have always rewarded ourselves for eating right or accomplishing things in our lives with food. This is something that should be removed and a reward should be satisfaction or Hugs. Something other then worse foods compared to our daily consumables. Till we remove the food reward we find ourselves looking for this eating reward. I said right away, Thai Ozon. Mondays they are closed so that was out. I suggested freshii. We get a modified Baja Burrito or a modified Owaka Bowl when we eat there but it didn’t appeal to Lyndsy. She already had something on her mind but she knew it was on more the bottom of the list. We knew Mondays Plant Cafe was already closed so we couldn’t make an easy decision. Lastly we eat either vermicelli or pho at Nan’s noodle house or a modified Veg wedge Pizza at BowTie Pizza.

Now BowTie Pizza only happens, I’d say once or twice a year. They have extremely good ingredients and the owners Yanie, Paul and Dustin take great pride in their product and it shows. This is what Lyndsy wanted. So we take the veg wedge and have no cheese. For the vegan cheese they use the brand Daiya. Talking to Yanie they are moving to a better tasting vegan cheese. We stay away from those kinds of products as processed foods are just evil. They have very little oil in their dough but still a flour and yeast concoction so that and the cooked aspect isn’t where we want to be but this is compared to orange juice. We remove the pineapple and sub in spinach. The spinach kinda keeps things together like the cheese would. Not really, kinda, sorta, but it’s what we whole food people tell our selves. Ha! No onions and we add jalapeños even though we know they are green and un-ripe items are wrong for consumption. There’s the tomato sauce. A sauce of, in house made, clean ingredients specific to BowTie Pizza. Tomatoes and mushrooms comprise the last two ingredients.

Yes we ate a full 14 inch pizza when we got home and it was wonderful to our physical senses. We discussed we could get the spinach and tomatoes fresh after to increase the live portion of the meal. Anything to liven things up when we cheat. I instantly felt the jalapeños heat and just removed them right from the beginning. Lyndsy on the other hand devours spicy food even though she knows now they are not good for us. It was a wonderful reward. Or was it?

We both felt the weight of our meal while we were consuming it and it sat in our bodies like nothing we eat anymore. Not even maybe 15 min later Lyndsy had an ora consume her. She gets an ora strong and fast and indicates most often the beginning of a migraine. And yes, a migraine set in. A couple hours later I made some orange juice at least to get her hydrated. She laid down to rest but the migraine consumed her over her sleep and remained the next morning.

What’s the special edition here? It’s the choices we make that for the general public are so much healthier then they would even care to choose and yet these are foods that are dangerous to us. Our choices for better consumption are alway in conjunction to where we are with the current items we consume. It doesn’t matter if a mango is top notch as much as just increasing your position. Maybe it’s going from a bologna sandwich to a seasoned sweet potato, air fried. Things that get us to make actual change. Every level we are at we can better our position and Lyndsy and I are just at a different level then all those around us.

We hope not to speak down to others and hopefully just set an example to know it’s possible. We have met much ongoing resistance and separation as we have gone to far for most our family and friends but it does seem to become more acceptable. Acceptable of how we eat to these loved ones who we sat and gathered with around the same foods our whole life.

Know you can go get a pizza and increase your health if your on that level. Choose the ingredients and talk them out each time. Compare and discuss how the ingredients make you feel and what they do to you. Slowly adjust and modify till you reach another level. Keep levelling up. Play Mario Brothers and don’t play the same level the rest of your life. Take the step and try out the next level. You may find satisfaction in just the change to each level. Here, slow and achievable change maybe your way.

If you are wondering, I have no head pain. I had mucho gas during the night. Non stinky but discomforting. Not bad but present. I woke up with a clear head. This is good so I can take care of Lyndsy. Poor girl. My poop will most likely slow and be more discomforting and my urine was definitely more fragrant. Yeah, I’m going to start talking about my urine here and there. It tells such a story and we don’t pay attention.

The jalapeños were possibly Lyndsy’s downfall or the combo, Americano, cooked food, dough and jalapeños were just too much.

People say we are different so react differently. Lyndsy and I are of different heritage and up bringing of food but we do mirror each other in our consumption now. Over the last half decade we noticed, for the most part the statement, people are different, is incorrect. It’s just excuses. Lyndsy and I reacted differently when we consumed differently. When ever we closed the differences in what we eat the reactions became eerily the same.

This posting is of benefit to Bow Tie Pizza. they are making smarter choices for people and that in itself is a beauty we need around us. Blatant disregard for what you provide to another is what is to be removed from our world and I will aid in this removal. Once you know better, do better. I am not the only one making the moves we can to bring life back to our existence. I’m proud to know our whole consciousness is changing. Take a look and you can see it.

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