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Who helps me

First I trust in myself. I use common sense, my intuition and I sit with things as they transpire around me with the information from my environment. I’m always comparing and looking at different angles openly. Simplicity speaks to me. Come at me with something complex and lies lay within those statements. All truth is simple and apparent if you slow yourself, calm your ingestion of information. Then here you take a sitting with yourself to view what really is.

I find all truth in Charlie Freak and Coleen with Freak Sense Tv. I admire the calm and peaceful truth of Justin Carpenter with Wandering Toward Truth. The beauty of Kasey with Vegetable Police and his humble expansive journey proves hypocrisy is beautiful in the exploration and strive to alway change to find truth. Kasey Stern is a humble man searching and sharing and owning all of his existence. Josh X is a man of extensive peace, love and knowledge. Toni Weel, a student of Dr. Morse, is such a wonderful source of knowledge from personal experience in the healing of the body in our true state of consumption.

All these people and more are people that give me items that I’ve found alignment with my last 11 years of journey and aid me to expand and gather statements, experiences and find truth in life. Experience is where my words come from. Not a book, a reading, or something someone told me. These people are like me. Practice the things you share as to provide an example, not loose information.

I love in I Am That I Am. God guides my hands by the breath I take.


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