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Little of me

Lyndsy and I do not have children. Both of us we’re hacked up by the health system by professionals that can hold a scalpel but not professional enough to guide us in the ability to self heal. A power we all have and something these professionals have been cultivated not to even realize.

The beauty is we learned. Some may say my next statement is sad but the second wonder is that we were blessed to have a journey to find the truth our selves.

Along the way, before inner-standing, we participated in in-vitro-fertilization, though a seven year journey to conceive. In the end to find out after Lyndsy’s hysterectomy and additional complications, she wouldn’t even be able to make it to term. Take our money we said. Take our emotions we begged. Take pieces of us and our hope and leave us barren and dry. They did. It sounds horrible. I want to say it is. It is not. Lyndsy and I have sight like very few.

That few is growing. From all corners of this earth, truth is coming out. The closest to us do not see it. You may not see it. You may never see it. It’s where we all are and this moment shines bright. The plan that was and is Lyndsy’s and my life is dazzling, triumphant and something I’m blessed to be given and chosen all at once.

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