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Saying and doing

Two different things for sure. I’m not exempt by any means of not doing what I’m saying. I’ll give myself a little break for the fact I’m excited on all the things that roll through my head that are just fantastic adventures I’d love to take. That and I do accomplish an astonishing amount of things that roll out of my mouth.

Where this gets dangerous is when these ideas involve other people. We can often find ourselves playing with other peoples emotions when not really intending to.

There is another aspect to this that is unfair. We are of a world held high in material possessions and much of what we talk about is tied up in these material possessions and wants. Tag this along with the busy-ness we are bombarded with, there’s no doubt we say things we can’t follow through with.

Imagine a world of men and women just being. Not concerned by much more then love, happiness, contentment and adventure. Very few items required to keep us busy or inundated with repairs, replacements, and costly equipment. This world, in what I would imagine, being simple effective and fulfilling, would hold many moments where help can be carried out. Thoughts being brought to fruition.

So doing what we say is one thing but giving ourselves not only the ability to see what we are sharing but to realize the world we live in has burdened us. We can choose to not look just at our words but the busy-ness placed all around us in the attempt to remove this unneeded burden placed upon us from a society cultivated by the few. The few of great means.

In the end, we choose. We say and we do or do not. As we see this, let’s see the systems that make it this way for us and give ourselves a break. As long as we are aware and learning, we can also be aware of the influence and step aside from it.

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