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Fruit & Veg Consumption Recovery Test

Yes, today, I put my muscles to the test. So many things Today. A wonderful person, Loc from Cosmos Collision, required the BMW 328i Convertible at his shop and after transport, I took the day to walk home.

Through out my life I would ride or walk randomly but in enduringly long, spontaneous bouts. Today was one of those. I didn’t make it all the way home. Lyndsy was headed home by 3:30pm and I had made it about 2/3rds the way by this moment.

Left the south at 10 am and just headed North up through neighbourhoods along Elbow drive through a couple parks. One being Stanley park. Good off shoe grounding sessions.

Stopped in at Tony’s Auto downtown where to my surprise a gift awaited me. Nope, not gunna tell. Not yet.

Continued with a stop at Sunterra market for fresh squeezed Orange Juice and two wonderfully tasty Navel oranges. Total $7.77. So good.

Up the Bridgeland hill to the left of Edmonton trail and again through the neighbourhoods up close by Edmonton trail, till, just after 16th Ave.

About 12 km’s. No expectations the whole day and just a beautiful walk.

Yes my legs are sore but not debilitating sore and now I’ll see if the morning is pain free like every other instance of physical exertion since leaving meat, eggs and oil 4 years ago.**

Two notes.** Let’s just clear those now.

*First, I’m not that great at time (linear time / never have been) and sometimes think lengths of linear time are different then what they can really be. In this case I previously thought 6 years since off meat, eggs and oil. Lyndsy and I discussed this and it is 4 years.

*Secondly, yes I did just say meat, eggs and oil. I gave up dairy sugar and processed foods over a decade ago.

Back to my legs. My recovery time for strains or any physical exertion, bruise or what have you has been – gone by the next day. I’ll report back. I’m all about truth so I’ll tell it. Check back. I’ll insert the update at the end of the blog post.

So far the soreness I feel is accommodate-able. The thing is, I don’t exercise. I never have. I’ve tried and my longest stretch has been about a week of one singular item.

Oddly, I have crazy endurance with whatever I do. Now and after 4 years with no meat, eggs, dairy, processed foods*, oil (cooking or ingredient), I get the notion I have muscles re formulated from almost purely vegetables and fruit. Sorry to say it but everyone around me that view themselves healthy on a “clean” North American editable consumption routine state they are healthy then spend time complaining about the ailments they still deal with. If everyone could just hear their ongoing contradicting statements, I think some mass common sense would start kicking in. I don’t mean that to be mean at all. I really am excited as this breaks down and just be happy to share in people’s discovery of it. This is going to be so beautiful. I’m giddy with the thought.

So, I do kinda have to take the ridicule in the mean time but talking about it helps grow awareness. My muscles recover. They recover extremely quick and never really actually fail. I am strong, capable and cognitively astute.

Ok, bye.

Update Here – went to bed 10pm. Woke up after a deep sleep at 6am. 27th July. Slight feeling in both calf’s. full mobility. No pain. Feeling great. I’ll go through the day and confirm. I tell ya though, the recovery is fantastic.

Second update 6pm 27th – I do feel my calves. Nothing debilitating. Still just more aware then pain. My day, going to different locations and walking a couple malls, partially, and mowing the lawn was not hindered but I do feel them so 12 km’s did push me further then anything I’ve felt since the departure of all the mainstream “foods” as it would be. All in all, we’ll see how tomorrow is as I do know an individual expecting me to have the pain.

Third update 28 July – went to bed last night and my calves were sore. Yes I’d call them sore, not just a feeling. The test here, however, is tainted. Much of my experience has been profound through observation and here is where I realized I screwed the experiment. Just means I’ll do it again in a week or two. Go to my next post on observation to read why this experience is unreliable for information. The soreness in my calves simmered right down after walking back and forth preparing juice for Lyndsy and me this morning. This test was botched as I made the poor choice to eat heavily oil containing foods which I’m well aware give me great soreness in my joints. Consumed these foods immediately after the walk. A variable that dos not aid in clear inner-standing of my experience.

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