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I woke this morning to a revealing dream bordering between my awake and sleep states. More on this in another post. I turned to put my hand on Lyndsy’s shoulder to talk and found she had a bad headache. One that consumed her all night. Lyndsy said it kicked in at midnight and felt no pain like this.

Two days ago I walked 12 Km’s and talked about my recovery time after pushing my body, now off meat, eggs, and oils for 4 years and dairy and processed foods and sugars for 10 years. My trials have been through learning to pay attention to what my body does when items are added and removed.

At times we eat things that teach us lessons. Signs are shown that we now recognize and expect if we choose items we know we should not eat. Migraines on items that are processed and for me, muscle and joint pain on oil. When I consume something with oil in it or if it was cooked in oil, I get almost instant pain in joints.

Before I go further with the oil and how it relates to the walk and my recover test results, it’s important to pull on insight from a visit I took to see a good friend in Vancouver a few years back.

He pays his bills doing various things and one is walking the streets as a postal delivery person, delivering mail every day. He racks on the km’s plus lives in downtown Vanvouver and walks everywhere out side of his postal responsibilities. He, at the time of my visit, was having problems creating a healthy food consumption regime and adding weight to his body. He was concerned he was loosing too much weight. He described trying to find information about how the food was treating his body very difficult. The information he was gathering, was like me, by experience. His gathering of information was in contrast to me. For me every little bit of bad food would hit me hard and I’d pay. Oh, I’d pay! It was evident the effects I felt was because I have very little physical exertion in my lifestyle and everything was able to be shown to me in very fine detail. For my friend, he was walking everything off and no matter what he consumed, there were little to no effects shown to help him hear his body and it’s requirements. He and I are on two different ends of the spectrum. Both equally good and bad depending on what we were trying to accomplish.

Two days ago when I walked the 12 Km’s, I felt it was an excellent experience to relate to you what happens to my body. I did however get a realization of skewing the data when Lyndsy relayed her headache. I was saved from the effects of a meal we had two nights ago because of the physical exercise where Lyndsy had not. This, all because I had been having the thought of the pulled pork-less sandwich (jackfruit) from Hearts Choice Cafe for some time and we went there directly after my walk that day.

This is significant because we stopped visiting hearts choice because they use oil in everything. It was one of those places we cut off entirely 4 years ago. Our food was loaded with oil and processed pho meat. It was horrible and beautiful and tragic. Experiences right!

Knowing the recovery of my body while letting it deal with an inundation of mass amounts of oil and having exerted substantial physical movement, there’s no clear data from my seemingly good trial for information. I appreciate not having been hit with a migraine and so thankful for the exercise but knowledge, clarity and experience is what is cleaning me up and moving me forward. It’s also what makes what I say creditable enough to help. The truth here is in Observing. Making sure to have an inner-standing of my body, what I do to my body, knowing how it reacts, and seeing everything all at once.

This here is the lesson. Not just observing but minimizing what we do, what we eat and how we live. Taking things to a simplistic standpoint so we can really know all the variables and make the change we need with qualified information that is clear to interpret. Information that isn’t skewed by all these different variables. In the case of food, too many items, that we can’t tell what did what to us.

To finalize, I felt pain in my calves from my walk and although it was not debilitating or kept me from doing things or sleeping, it was there, and is still here this morning. Was it the food that limited the recovery rate I had been so accustomed to or did I actually push my body enough to go past its amazing recovery capabilities I’ve been getting accustomed to? Or is it both?

Everything we choose is an experience. That is evident and if we pay attention we have power in our choice. The choice we have over every aspect of our lives. Yes, every aspect.

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