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What We Ate Today

9 am – hand juiced Orange Juice in the morning with the nice pulp from the oranges on a chopped banana.

1:30 pm – hand juiced Orange Juice with the pulp on bananas same as earlier.

4 pm – vegetable plate / squash baked lightly and half chopped and water pan fried with mushrooms and carrots seasoned with turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, and fresh black pepper / zucchini noodles marinated in tomatoes and fresh garden basil while the rest was being prepared also seasoned with black pepper / baked squash chopped and blended with filtered water and tahini for a beautiful sauce / diced dried apples for garnish on top / this was a monster filling meal. Flavours worked wonderfully together. The meal would be more balance with just the squash sauce and not the chopped squash with the mushrooms. Good but the chopped squash made it heavier then it needed to be.

6 pm – large cantaloupe / chopped and split between Lyndsy and me. I was feeling like more so I had some partially dried banana slices from DJ Market. Sooo good.

I’d expect another hand juiced orange juice in a couple hours leaving the pulp in the fridge to pump up the morning juice and fruit.

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