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This nasty tasting intrusive item we produce is for our health and our body uses it as a mechanism to clean the toxins we place in our body.

Interesting in my city of residence, we have had for a few years, bylaws for no spitting. It could be stated this is in place because of the few that spit at another in anger. That it is here to make us a more civilized creature of society.

In all reality, the way in which someone expels their mucus is under their control. Where and how and what sounds we make does have an impact on the way we present ourself to another. The thing is though, when you throw down a bylaw like this, people do not realize it’s a direct attack on the natural body being able to keep itself from decay promote healing.

My mom alway taught me to not spit on a sidewalk. I wish not for someone to walk through it or see an unsightly gob here or there. You can spit discretely and quietly. You can choose to spit in the dirt or grass in areas where children are not playing. This is not discussed. Let us just outlaw it. In this act, it is clear, our construct, taking yet another stance on keeping us ill.

Do not swallow your phlegm. Expel it. Practice at doing it quietly. Practice at doing it elegantly. Practice at controlling and directing it’s trajectory. Do not swallow it to be lady like. Do not swallow it to be proper. If you don’t want to have it, work on what you consume.

In consumption of daily items, there are many things we call food that are not. Here in we find mucus forming situations. The solution is not for industry though. Money is made from symptoms of disease. Not from healthy self sustaining individuals.

A no spitting bylaw is hidden under politeness but for the benefit of industry.

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