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Relationship with Things

My task to myself, as of late, is to distinguish the importance of the things in my life. To accomplish this I have found clarity in how I talk about them.

For example; I speak of the item, rather then, that the item is mine. “Let’s take the truck”, I’ll say, instead of, “let’s take my truck”. In an unassuming light the difference means nothing but actually determines our whole thought process.

Consumed with having things, we have adopted communication that personifies this. It reaffirms things are of ownership. This also leads to status, power, and self esteem attachments.

Just in the removal of ownership in our words we start to see the use of the objects as we remove our status from them. The trucks usefulness comes out when removed from a title of mine as the ability of the truck is forefront and not the ownership of it by me. This accomplish by finding words to replace, “my truck”.

Even if you don’t see the wording making a change, the thought process you face in thinking about it, shifts how you talk and changes your mindset.

The convertible that is at Cosmos Collision for a hood repair. A repair from an early accident in its life, is there to set right an example of a car that reminds me of instances from my life.

If I just say it’s mine, I could be admired for how great it is but this just speaks to my point. It then removes the value it has and places it’s value in how it makes me look. It’s an external statement for others and really does not speak to what it is and what it provides.

Removing the title of “my convertible”, I find new ways to talk about it. I describe it by the feelings the convertible provides when driving through the mountains like the feeling of an open top and shade from a mountain in contrast to the sunlight around the bend. The mist off a waterfall giving me goose bumps as you whisp by on a windy road. The styling of a time when certain memories can be remembered and spoken of. The mechanics and engineering of an era of car that speaks to certain people. Modifications that enhance and show creativity.

I find importance of its existence in its meaning to me and not it’s presentation of who I am. The only thing that speaks me is me. This keeps me genuine, so here I can find distinction in what is useful. The end story is I need nothing but my inner knowing of who I am. Everything else is just an experience. To keep this inner-standing, I’ll keep paying attention to leaving the label of things as mine to a previous mindset.

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