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Why I’m not completely fruit juice cleansing

Juice feasting, from what I’ve observed is an express way to cleanse and take your body to a clean state to find healing and a base for inner-standing of where a persons body should be. I’ve done just juice for a few days but nothing long term. I consume 1500-2000 ml of juice each day.

Over the last decade, I’ve slowly found the truth and found methods to allow my body to talk to me in ways I’ve become accustomed to. Because of my long, gradual experience, I have been able to really break down the way in which so many different items have treated me. This is a blessing but if I went back 8-10 years ago I would have chosen the express route instead of all the pain I experienced. I just didn’t know.

Now here I am and there are three things that have me not jumping on a 90 day juice feast.

Number one – Lyndsy is not so bold in forward movement as I am but I love and respect how she follows, embodies and then shares with others the steps we make. With this I have been balancing how drastic I make changes as to keep her moving in the right direction.

Number 2 – Cost. The cost to go all fruit has been redirecting cash flow heavily just in keeping us fed. We maintain a low income, low overhead lifestyle that keeps us at a slower healthier mindset then the city world around us. This also means a higher food consumption cost, pulls heavily on the resources we have.

Number 3 – we have had a decade of gradual cleansing and most all our metabolic diseases and discomforts have fallen to the weigh side. We need not to push an express cleanse but to maintain our trajectory. A direction I have cultivated myself by listening to my body and is on the right path.

As the world shifts I can see us leaning more and more on fruit juice. Quality of fruit being grown and transported at more effective costs and availability is paramount.

I’ve stopped at Sunterra market twice in the last week as I found they have fresh squeezed juice. In my mind every food sales location should hire a person to fresh squeezed their oranges that are about to go and the money they make, saving otherwise only compostable oranges, would more then pay for the labour to juice them and all of a sudden we have an huge increase in one of the most cleaning foods we all could benefit from.

On a side note. The first stop at Sunterra, I bought 2 Navel Oranges and a 500 ml Fresh squeezed Orange Juice. Cost $7.77. Second time I sopped I bought a litre fresh squeezed Orange Juice and two Navel oranges. Cost – $11.11. To all those interested and with inner standing of numerology, I found this so beautiful.

If you want to know more about juice feasting and people that do long juice cleanses, I’d recommend checking out Vegetable Police on YouTube. Kasey has just finished a 90 day fast and talks to you about his experience in all its truth. Before, during and after breaking the fast/feast. He also came from being on a carnivore diet along with so many other trials. He is humble. He is truthful. He is so powerfully brave in being a light for people to see true exploration and information of the things we put in our bodies and call these things food. Great job Kasey! I appreciate what you do.

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