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Intermittent Dry Fasting

Dry fast in the morning. Let me recap what that is and why – we stop consuming food by 8pm (ish) the night before, sleep the night and wake up to refrain from any food or fluid. We remain this way till about 11-12 pm but can go longer or shorter depending how we feel. The reason for occasional fasting of the dry variety is to allow your body time to heal itself. If you continually keep food in your system your liver never gets past consumption mode, as I’ll put it, and your body spends all its time taking care of what your ingesting and no time on things it wants to do for you. You want to get past the 12 hour mark to allow your body to start healing instead of just helping you consume.

Think of the word for the first meal of your day. Break-fast. Just digest that for a moment. You fast over the night and your first meal is the breaking of this fast. Too soon and your fast is not beneficial and then… there is one more major component… how you break that fast. Do you start up your body with fats, oils, starches, dairy other and heavy items? NO! You gently wake it up with fruit juice. Something easy, flowing, nutritious and of nature. Intended for the construction of our frugivore body. yeah I said that. Insert all the excuses and reasons you have been trained to say to me here __________. Ok, now let it go and let’s finish the dry fast thing.

Your body can and will heal everything you do to it. But you have to let it. What you consume, when you consume and how you consume things is important. There are many other forms and lengths of fasting but this is easy, un-intrusive and you feel the effects often the same day but especially the following day.

Only thing left to reiterate is to never enter or exit a fast with any heavy foods. Enter and exit with fruit as you want your body’s digestion moving gently and freely. Think what items you would not want to slow down and stop to fester in your digestive system.

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