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A Hand Shake

Out in Cochrane walking down first street with Lyndsy. Our, lately too frequent, visit to Thai Ozone was the destination. We get out there before they open, on occasion, and on our way back from a little walk, I hear a Native gentleman say hello from a step on an adjacent building. He’s happy and I respond with a smile and hello. It was a pleasant exchange and then a pause. He then asked for 50 cents. I think he mentioned he would like to buy a cigarette.

I turned and obliged. Doesn’t matter to what someone wants money for. Help is help and I know not his life and meaning to the things he does that helps him. I knew I wasn’t going to give him 50 cents though. I pull my backpack off and unzip where my wallet is and see a $10 bill to pull out. As I pull it out, he’s watching and sees the bill. I hear a big “Whoa” come out and he’s more then grateful and requests he give me a hug. I more then accept when a hug is offered these days.

A hug wasn’t enough. Some of what he was saying, I couldn’t really catch as he seemed tired but that wasn’t stopping him from expressing his gratitude. “I want to show you a hand shake”, he said. Followed by, “don’t be scared”. Oddly he then kicked me in the shin. Ha! I immediately understood. It was a sideways kick and he looked at me and said, “look at me in my eye”. He then kicked me with his right foot again but sideways and I definitely knew what he was doing. He then kicked me with his left foot sideways. I knew to reflect his motion and met his left foot with my left foot. He then bent his elbow and indicated to bump elbows sideways. Right elbows then left elbows. We performed his hand shake one more time. Lyndsy down by the side walk watching our little dance with a smile on her face and a man happy and me, we’ll… I was just in that moment. It held a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart.

Beautiful day. Beautiful people. Thankful for whoever crosses my path and never knowing what beauty transforms each time.

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