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I talked to someone today

Odd how I’ve spent over a decade learning, testing and adapting what I ingest and just today, yes today was the first time I have ever talked to someone who inner-stands and knows as much, and in truth, much more then I do about what we are to consume. I must not forget I have had Lyndsy this whole time who has validated all my discoveries and instances of success and failure. I am so blessed to have her beside me through this lonely journey of truth. Thank you Lyndsy. Today though, there was another.

Lyndsy and I conferenced today with Toni Weel. A wonderful individual on a path to heal and help heal. A woman who can share many life experiences and although I don’t know much about the man she learnt from and methods that have healed her personal experiences, I have been listening to her and Justin Carpenter talk. They are very clear and explorative of their followers and their questions every Wednesday. Much of what they talk about I learnt by trial and error over the years and another portion of what they talk about have filled in many missing gaps and provided explanation to results I’ve found but not necessarily inner-stood.

I appreciate what I hear with Toni and Justin as they talk mainly of experience. Actual personal experience. When things come up that are not of these experiences, they say as much and then tell what they know or hear of and their thoughts on, but leave it as that. A contrast to the doctors office which has proven a complete betrayal of human health and freedom.

It stuck with me most, though, today was the first time after 11 years of trials to finally talk to someone. It’s different then hearing about someone or seeing someone on YouTube or reading about one of these individuals that are paying real attention to the truth. Today I don’t feel so alone. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Now there are many people out there shaking their head at me and saying I know no better. Good on you. The construct needs dedicated followers. It is however time for the construct to crumble. We are here to not say I told you so but just share our experiences. I cannot profess to be your guide but I can tell you my story and be truthful with you. I do not push drugs or expensive treatments. I only tout fruit. Make your commonsensical judgement as who you wish to listen to. I’ll be as humble as I can to share how I found lies and truth. I will tell it in my words and hopefully we all just grow and heal as the world shifts from death to life.

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