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Take no thought for yourself

The varying layers of the statement, take no thought for yourself, are interesting to say the least. As Lyndsy and I break this down we are seeing how this methodology finds itself amongst a few different levels. What I mean by this is that we can take thought for ourself in very minuscule ways all the way up to some very rude and ignorant examples.

We are having fun conversations these last few days as something has shifted for us. We have been working on how lies are built into our communication in multiple different levels and intensities of societal requirement. It’s been tough but we keep hitting it head on and a few days ago something clicked. Not everything solved but there was a shift and communication opened up and a lightness arrived on our verbal door step. It’s been nice.

As I said, not everything is solved but we are enjoying the process of observation. Lyndsy bought new sheets a couple weeks back and Jasmine, our oldest feline who incidentally is 21 years old, was catching her nails on the sheets and I mentioned to Lyndsy to put an older set on till we had Janessa come help trim Jasmines nails. Janessa is a wonderful extended member on Lyndsy side of the family. She is in training to become a veterinarian. Jasmine is ornery and does not like her nails trimmed but Janessa has a wonderful touch and takes care of the trimming with very little displease to Jasmine. Lyndsy was off-put to my suggestion because she really wanted to sleep on the new sheets, plus the effort to swap them after she just changed them. The other fitted sheets to our mattress had a hole in them. Particularly where Lyndsy sleeps. So Lyndsy did put them back on, reluctantly, but turned them around so the whole was on my side.

I noticed but it didn’t bother me till I stuck my toe in it tonight getting into bed an tore it a little. Our fun way of communicating is just being light the last couple days. It’s not discounting the things we are breaking down but just lighter in seeing what it is we want to change. I mentioned I noticed her hole on my side of the bed and how taking thought for yourself comes to mind. However you want to take the statement, leaving your hole on my side of the bed, is just not something that yields a straight face and she started giggling. I rephrased how she was leaving her hole where it didn’t belong a couple different ways and she was giggling like a girl in church where everyone is now starting to stare but that just means her and her silly girlfriend a few pews over is now just in hysteria and all the parents are starting to loose it.

It’s beautiful. Not whatever interpretation is in you head about Lyndsy putting her hole on my side of the bed, but how beautiful it is that we are hearing what we are saying, and interpreting through observation.

For myself the biggest thing I do to keep taking no thought for myself upfront and present every day is in my juice and fruit routine. When I prepare our juice and fruit, after squeezing the orange juice, I choose the glass more full and I make sure to always give it to Lyndsy. In years past I would always take the large portion. Now, if it’s the one I want, it’s the one that gets given away. I haven’t got quite there on everything but I’m doing it daily and it’s paying off. I’m seeing the happiness.

Lyndsy may not quite be there but she is aware and we are light heartedly communicating how we observe it’s presence. This is a beautiful time. That is if your paying attention.

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