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Hard choices

Lyndsy and I made some more hard choices last night. They are only hard in the way which we look at them. Inner-standing that removing more cooked foods from consumption isn’t the trial but replacing our desire to eat out is the block we face.

See, we have select places we “can” eat out at and eating out is adventure for us. All but one of these places cook their foods. So we still have one place we can go to but really it isn’t the food. It’s the act of going out.

After deciding to cut out two more places that remained on our eat out list, the answer is to still get out but to go to a park with some prepared food or juice of our own devise. To find locations to just give us this light adventure and further separate the need to go to a restaurant. Establishments of death. That’s harsh but true.

Ok. I get most now will stop paying attention to me because it’s not wide spread enough, the inner-standing of the brutal act humans partake in. The consumption of animals. Various reasons are always touted to justify eating flesh but right there is our clarification. No one justifies eating fruit. No one justifies eating vegetables. The only justifications come when talking about killing or participating in killing animals for “food”.

I see pubs and tarvens as death houses and most all restaurants hold this title too. Establishments that cook food which creates disease in our body. Establishments that partake in the death and killing of animals. Establishments that lie about what they provide to you to lure you into their system. Not even touching on the alcohol, processed chemical items they call food and the oil. Oh my the oil!

The average person won’t heal their ailments when the answer is fruit and removal of meat, dairy, eggs, oil, alcohol, drugs, painkillers, processed foods. The reason is they all coincide together. Industries utilize all these items as their own ecosystem to create and maintain disease for profit. Such effort is made to lie to you in such a fashion that you believe in them. The anger I get when I talk like this is another confirming statement of dismissal of the truth. Removing yourself from this ecosystem they created is societal suicide. We know. Trust us. Very few come back around over time to even have basic conversations once you remove yourself and actually live in truth and health.

I went on a tangent there. Back to Lyndsy and me with our hard choices. As removed as we are from the hard first choices, we still have remnants of the social aspect of this system and separation has been difficult. Lyndsy and I both have one final dependancy on the system to remove and to do this we have to transition to select “raw” vegetables and increase fruit. We already eat mainly these vegetables but we have to stop cooking the ones that we currently cook. Making sure our livers are filtering, getting our lymph moving, and finish clearing out our gastro intestinal track.

Holding onto the last few comforts will not aid in releasing our dependancy of the system. For me it’s my Synthroid from my thyroid cancer and for Lyndsy it’s her hormones from her endometriosis experience.

I made the choice to stop my alcohol consumption. As light as it was it was time to ask why I still drank what I did. I like the taste of a craft beer but it’s really the social aspect that held me to have a beer or two every week or two. So far I’m just having conversations with people without the beer in my hand. The conversation doesn’t change. It’s just done with a water or juice in my hand. The beer was just an excuse.

Filling my space with other meaningful things to create fulfillment is the task at hand. To drop the need for a restaurant outing and a beer in conversation with the few remaining people in my life that are not angry with how we choose to treat our body.

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