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That is a meal

So many mental challenges as we break down popular convention and tradition. A 500ml glass of orange juice and a mango is a meal. So why do we crave something elaborate? It’s habit and past relation to events, people or thought patterns.

Breaking the pattern takes separation from the norm. Your normal routine. Your normal people. Your normal location. Help is a bonus as long as those helping you are strong and see the benefit.

As far as the actual meal, nothing more then the fruit is required. Satiation is there. Energy is present. Healing is evident. Clarity is a byproduct. Digestion is fluid. You lack nothing. No supplements needed. Liver starts filtering. Toxins start clearing. Ailments disappear.

Doctors become obsolescent except to set a broken bone. They can hang up their high title and adopt a technician status. Worthy to fix what’s broken but no longer the high exalted authority to the pill and unnecessary treatment. The master of the symptom game. Never curing anything just chasing symptoms to keep you spending the money.

Our bodies are amazing and powerful. Powerful if you take control and own fruit as your fuel. No matter what better health you have found with something other then fruit, the main thing is not looking for better rather looking for what is right. When you hear something is better, the word “better”, is a clue to see the distraction from the truth. Just because someone is healthier because their food is better then yours doesn’t mean they are healthy. Just health”ier” and that can still mean, “of disease”.

You deserve health. You don’t need to settle for “healthier” or “better”, that is, now that you know, their definition doesn’t coincide with how they sound.

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